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Participants are expected to be self-sufficient and come equipped for leave no trace, primitive camping in a semi-arid environment.  Don't forget those Wag Bags!

Please bring a minimum of one gallon of water per person per day!

Closed toed shoes are highly recommended as the terrain is rocky and contains many cacti.

Bring a head lamp with you at the crag at all times and have back up batteries ready in the event that you must navigate back to the campground after dark.

Check out the full recommended equipment packing list for more.


Pets of any kind.  While we love our companions, for their safety and the safety of the other attendees, please leave your pets at home




The ranch road is about a 50 minute drive on gravel roads from the highway to the camping site at the top of The Butt.  Please air up your spare tires and fill your gas tank! 

You will have to pass through a Border Patrol Checkpoint on your way to the ranch.

There is no reliable cell service on the ranch.  It is a good idea to download Google Maps satellite view of the ranch prior to losing cell service so that you can navigate the ranch roads on your way to the campground.  You can use this in conjunction with the .pdf ranch map provided. 


The remote location and lack of cell service in a desert environment means that car trouble or injuries could become dangerous or life-threatening.  There may be a tire patch kit and tire pump for flat tires available, but please air up spare tires and consider car pooling with someone who has a reliable vehicle. 

Please be respectful of the 25 mph speed limit on the ranch and be extra sure to leave all gates as they were when you arrived at them! We do not want to be responsible for letting livestock out of the wrong pasture of the ranch!  Bump gates are found throughout the property and are easily distinguishable from a normal swing gate. Bump gates are intended for you to inch your front bumper onto the gate and then drive forward to swing the gate open.  You may also have someone get out and hold the gate open for you if you prefer, but this will not be an option if you are arriving by yourself.


Please do not park in the road so that others may come and go freely.

There are no trees suitable for hanging hammocks. We recommend bringing a tent or other freestanding shelter that can be securely anchored against the wind.

Fishing during the event is not permitted.  Catch & release fishing may be available for leaseholders at other times.  Please contact Heather and Miles Gibbs, Continental Ranch Pecos River Expeditions, LLC at 830-734-2444 or for information about climbing leases.


There is sport climbing along the canyon walls ranging from 5.7 to 5.13+.  Please note that there are no sport clips at the anchors and you will be expected to build and clean anchors.  There are a few routes where a TR may be set up from above, but the majority of the crags will require lead climbing.  We are not saying that every participant must possess these skills, but if you are not confident in your belay or lead climbing skills please team up with a group of experienced climbers who can mentor you and supervise.  When in doubt, ask for help!


The Butt, Emerald Pools and Painted Canyon areas are all accessed via a third class scramble down from the camp site.  These crags are in the shade most of the day and have the shortest approaches (5-30 minutes). 


To access the Weir Dam and Solarium areas, there are three options available, two of which require rappelling and top belaying skills. Given the area's exposure to full sun for most of the day, it's advisable to go early or avoid midday hours. It's crucial to carry extra water due to the high sun exposure. For safety, please travel in groups and inform an AAC event organizer of your planned descent. The approaches to this area, encompassing driving, descending/ascent, and hiking, typically require over an hour. 


For more details on accessing climbing areas on the ranch please refer to our Approach Beta section of the website.  A .pdf of this section is available for you to download offline and reference on the ranch.

Exercise caution and make informed decisions while climbing and camping on the property. The remote location of the area heightens the risk in the event of an injury, thus we urge everyone to climb within their personal limits. Stick clips are recommended and readily available within the community. If you observe any safety issues, lend a hand to your fellow climbers, and let's collaborate to ensure safe practices, securing future invitations for years to come!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us via email at 

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