Camping Gear

  • Tent/Shelter

  • 0 – 15 degree sleeping bag (it may be cold at night)

  • Sleeping pad

  • Camp stove

  • Personal cookware including utensils and bowls

  • Cooler with ice

  • Garbage bags for trash

  • Camp chairs

  • Personal shade pop-up tents if desired

  • 1 gallon of water per person per day

  • Personal hygiene items such as sunscreen, toothbrush, tooth paste, deodorant, wipes etc.

  • Food (easy to cook camp style food that won't spoil).

  • Utility cord to help with tying down your tent (it can be very windy at night)

  • Headlamp


Climbing Gear

  • Climbing Shoes

  • Belay Device

  • Anchor cleaning skills and equipment to build an anchor

  • Helmet (We will have many to borrow if you don’t have one)

  • Chalk bag

  • Quickdraws

  • Rope

  • Locking Carabiners

  • Personal Anchor System


For questions, sponsorship opportunities, or to volunteer, contact us at

  • The American Alpine Club - Austin
  • Instagram