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The Continental Ranch is a privately owned property along the banks of the Pecos River in west Texas. The rock is high quality limestone.


Rock and Ice Magazine says the rock “has been compared to the fabled French cliffs at Ceuse.” While all established routes are single-pitch, the cliffs are uncharacteristically tall for rock in Texas, as some of the bluffs reach 300 feet in height. Route ratings range from 5.7 – 5.13 with many classic lines over the whole spectrum of difficulty. Several routes are long, bring 60 or 70 meter ropes and tie knots in the ends. There are very few sport anchors here and climbers should come prepared to build anchors then clean and rappel or be lowered.

The terrain on the ranch is extremely rugged and has seen very little human impact, giving the climbing here a remote and adventurous feel. This is adventure climbing at its finest.  Due to the fact that most land in Texas is privately owned, this is a rare opportunity for Texas climbers.

It is truly a gift to our climbing community that the ranch has opened its gates to climbers.

For information on purchasing climbing leases, please contact Heather and Miles Gibbs, Continental Ranch Pecos River Expeditions, LLC at 830-734-2444 or

For more information on climbing at the Continental Ranch, check out Rock and Ice Magazine issues # 132 and 142 and this short article written by the ranch owners:

Rock Climbing on the Pecos River
Come sample the world-class sport climbing at the Continental Ranch along the Pecos River!!

The Continental Ranch is a privately owned, four-generation, piece of property along the banks of the Pecos River and 15 miles northwest of Comstock, Texas. The rock along the Pecos River banks is made up of limestone, of much higher quality than is found anywhere else in this area. Rock and Ice magazine issue #132 and #142 compare the Continental Ranch cliffs to the “fabled French cliffs at Ceuse”. The cliffs are uncharacteristically tall, however a single pitch. There is an excess of 200 established rock climbing routes with ratings range from 5.7-5.13.

Rock climbing at the Continental Ranch has not been allowed for approximately 15 years, until with new generation owners. Late owners, Marilyn and Howard Hunt first were approached by several geologists/climbers kayaking down the Pecos River mapping the topography of the cliffs. Prior to this time, no one every studied the limestone quality and striations along the Pecos River. Several climbers including Jamie McNally and Scott Melcer, place a small fee in a designated box on the property. This continued for 5-6 years until ranch estate planning lawyers advised against it due to legal liabilities.

With a fresh approach, the ranch has now acquired both insurance and a proper business entity entitled Continental Ranch Pecos River Expeditions, LLC. Having the LLC in place allows the ranch to team up with other organizations who also have insurance, to pursue and provide several types of outdoor sports and recreation. Climbing here requires more planning than usual. This amazing climbing destination is remote and requires logistical planning to ensure a safe and successful experience. You need to be prepared personally and realize that following the rules of the landowner is critical to everyone’s safety and success.

I would like to give a HUGE thank you to Jamie McNally. If it wasn’t for him, climbing would still not be allowed on the Continental Ranch. He has stayed in contact with our family for many years, as the founding climber, and continued to remind us what a unique climbing opportunity we have here. He has guided me though this whole adventure and I can not thank him enough.

The Continental Ranch is also known for one of the largest petroglyph sites in North America known as Lewis Canyon Petroglyphs. Lewis Canyon has been documented by many archeologists and the Rock Art Foundation over many years. We are currently considering offering tours 2-4 times a year based on interest.

 All recreational trips are primitive with no running water and electricity and with “pack in and pack out” requirements. “Take care of the land and it will take care of YOU’”

For more information, contact Heather and Miles Gibbs, Continental Ranch Pecos River Expeditions, LLC 830-734-2444

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